Hi everyone! A while back I was contacted by the team at Laylax to try out some of the gear they stock that is specifically made for women, naturally I jumped at the chance as one of the aspects about Airsoft that I am passionate about is gear for women. As many of you know, finding gear that fits well can be tricky sometimes. So tricky in fact that I am rather reluctant to step away from my tried and tested favourites but when new gear for ladies pops up, I get a little excited about it! Haha.

Laylax very kindly sent over the Ghost Gear Corset Chest Rig and Compact Corset Chest Rig along with some accessories and I set about putting them to work!

Let's start with a little information about Laylax themselves - they are a Japanese company that stocks a tonne of Airsoft products from upgrade parts to kit and BDUs! Within this range they stock the Ghost Gear Ladies BDU and Corset Chest Rigs. When I opened the parcel I discovered both the standard and compact version of the rig in multiple colourways and some of the BITE-MG Speed Mag Holders already attached to the tan standard rig - very helpful.

Once I unwrapped the rigs I immediately began trying them all on and decided to Skimish the rig that was already set up as it was ready to go and would go with my loadout a little more. My first impressions when getting it out of the packaging were very good - the mag holders felt very sturdy and I really liked how they work (more on this in a little bit) and the quality of the materials used for the main body was fab - after reading the tabs and discovering it was Cordura, I was pretty impressed!

So, it features a split front with a chunky zip and a velcro fastening on the inside, making it pretty secure. Both front and back panels are full of MOLLE ready for pouches and other bits and bobs. It also features a lace up corset back which allows the user to fully adjust how tight/fitted they want it to be. The straps are also adjustable and are to be worn in a cross. I was very happy with the fit - it clung easily to the curves of my body but didn't offer any padding for my chest which wouldn't be too much of an issue during a woodland game but I tend to play a lot of intense CQB and boob shots hurt.

I did expect the CCR to have plates or boning but it had neither which was a bonus for comfort! I did have to have it done up quite tightly because of this, as when there is no padding or boning garments rely on tension and that did make it a little restrictive but nothing that I would say is unbearable.

I did love the mag pouches! M4 mags slotted easily into them and retained them well - no wobble. To remove the mags you just twisted the mags and pulled. I haven't seen this kind of mag holder before and was thoroughly impressed. Since this review I have swapped the mag pouches so they are upside down as the mags did get caught on my breasts.

Laylax also included some sticky backed velcro made specifically for the pouches so I could attach some patches. I really liked this! It definitely gives you more opportunities to customise your rig!

Overall, I love the idea behind it - having a corset back means that it is completely adjustable at the back and the split zip front makes the rig super easy to put on but I feel that to make it truly practical, it would need a few tweaks here and there such as:

  • Being higher cut at the front - it could do with a couple more inches of fabric to protect more of the chest area. Whilst the corset rig fits the female form very well, getting shot on the breasts isn't ideal haha
  • The mags did have a tendency to get caught on my breasts when removing them from their holders, this was rectified by running the BITE-MG quick mag holder upside down but if you were running standard fabric pouches that issue would still be there as you wouldn't be able to run them upside down. It isn't major but is somewhat an annoyance on the field.
  • They are quite restrictive, as the rig works on tension around the body you need to have it done up quite tightly to be able to fully utilise the rig as it has no structural assists such as boning or plates. For CQB I found it was a little restrictive, simply because of how much you move your core. These rigs would be better suited to a role that requires less movement such as STAG at a MilSim Op - I will revisit this at my next MilSim.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Laylax for letting me test these products, and for stocking gear specifically for the ladies - it's definitely a move in the right direction!

In game photos credited to Snook Snaps!

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