My First Airsoft Awareness Article is up! A Review of the WE Europe Nuprol BBs

As I mentioned a while back I have become a reporter for Airsoft Awareness, a group of Airsofters from around the globe that aim to increase the awareness of Airsoft by hosting international events, shows and publishing entertaining content! This is my first article as an AA reporter, a review about the WE Europe Nurpol Beebs! The article/Airsoft Awareness is available here:
Enjoy! xo
"Femme here, this article is a review of the WE Europe Nuprol BBs. After posting a photograph on my Instagram account of a bottle of the 0.28g 6mm Diamond Grade BBs I had a fair few negative comments about their performance so I thought I’d give them a fair test and leave a review.
So the reason I chose these from the shelves and shelves of ammunition was a combination of things: the price was £9.99 for 3000 – very reasonable, the colour coded polymer that the BBs are made of means the weights are easily identifiable by sight and they are also diamond polished.
They are made from a high grade coloured polymer and diamond polished for a smooth and consistent finish meaning improved performance and less risk of damaging our precious kit. So I took these to my last skirmish on Sunday and loaded my mags with high expectations. I run a G&G GR4 G26 Black Rose with Blowback and I swapped between using 0.2g Blasters and the 0.28g Nuprol BBs and at first when my RIF started to get stuck mid cycle and locking when using the 0.28s I got concerned as to whether it was indeed the problems other users had described to me. However, once I switched to the 0.2s and the problem continued, it dawned on me that it wasn’t the BBs that were the issue, it was having my RIF on Semi and getting really trigger happy. I slapped it on full auto and it was sorted. After working out that it wasn’t the BBs that were the issue, I put the 0.28s back in and carried on. My AEG cycled very well using these and with the added weight behind them they appeared to pack more of a punch! I also run a GBB pistol, the WE Gen 4 Glock 18C and used the 0.28s in it and it cycled flawlessly.
Overall my experience with the WE Europe Nuprol BBs was a very positive one, as they were affordable, a cute colour and fed/cycled well in both my AEG and GBB.
·         Cheap - £9.99 for 3000 BBs at the retailer I visited.
·         They are done in a range of weights.
·         Diamond polished.
·         Colour coded polymer makes them easy to identify.
·         Their weight adds a nice little punch (great for those cheeky NHT J)
·         Bottle has a flat side to stop BB spillage.
·         Feed well in both AEGs and GBB pistols.
·         The heavier the BB the lower the FPS – although the difference between 0.2s and 0.28gs isn’t too much."

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